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Action Communication Request for Bid

I'm interested in receiving a Bid from Action Communications, but don't care to fill out this form. Please have a Sales Rep contact me. If you need assistance completing this questionnaire, please call us at (520)792-0326 between 8 am and 5 pm, Mon-Fri, MST.

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1. Type of organization/business?
1a. Select Category:
2. If located outside the USA, do you have a customs broker or import service?
Don't need one
3. We will send your quotation by fax unless you instruct us to respond otherwise?
Fax is fine
I have Excel 7.0. Send quote as spreadsheet
Call me
Mail (USPS)
4. What is your purchase timeframe?
Within 30 days
30-60 days
More than 60 days
5. Do you want us to quote leasing options with this bid?
6. Would like to see extended warranty pricing?
7. How will the operator be using the radios we are quoting (check all that apply)?
Unit-to-unit (less than 1 mile apart, no repeater )
Citywide (with repeater, up to 50 miles)
More than 50 miles apart (multiple repeaters)
Both unit-to-unit and citywide
8. How many channels are needed?
1 to 4
5 to 16
17 to 32
More than 32
Not sure, please advise
9. If you have contacted a local repeater service provider, what type of system will you be using?
I don't know
450 conventional
450 trunking
800 conventional
800 trunking (LTR protocol)
800 trunking (Motorola protocol)
900 trunking (LTR)
900 trunking (Motorola)
10. Do you know what type of tone signalling, interference eliminator they require?
Please advise
Analog tone (CTCSS/PL)
Digital tone (DCS/DPL)
11. Please indicate the quantities you would like quoted for each type of radio. If the manufacturer and model is not specified, we will assume you want us to recommend options.
Type Qty Manufacturer Model No. Power Note
12. What type of chargers do you want for the handhelds?
I don't know, please advise
Standard (10-hr charging time)
Rapid (less than 3 hrs)
Gang charger
13. What type of 12 volt NiCd batteries do you want for the handhelds?
Reduced size (600 mAH)
High capacity (1100-1200 mAH)
Extended capacity (1600 mAH)
14. Please indicate the handheld accessories you would like quoted.
Item Qty Comment
Headset with PTT boom mic
Headset with VOX boom mic
Stubby antenna
Speaker mic
Cigarette lighter adapter
In-vehicle charger/current converter
Spare batteries (indicate mAH)
Leather carry case (belt loop or swivel)
Cordura nylon carry case (belt loop or swivel)
Earmuff headset
Tie pin mic with earpiece
Earpiece only
Alkaline battery holder
Other (please describe)
Nickle metal hydride battery
DTMF keypad
15. Please indicate any mobile/base station accessories you would like quoted.
Item Qty Comment
External vehicle mount speaker
DTMF microphone
Amplified base station mic
GPS tracking antenna
Fleet management software
Vehicle mount antenna (gain or 1/4 wave)
Magnetic mount antenna (gain or 1/4 wave)
Internal extension speaker
16. Company Information (fill in blanks)
The Bold items must be filled in or this request cannot be processed.
Company name:
Contact person:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Email Address:
Number of employees:

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